Band Members

Chris Di Lalla


William Barbieri


Devan Meisner


Santiago García Cuevas

All photos by Chloe Proulx

William Barbieri - Drums

Christopher Di Lalla - Lead Guitar

Devin Meisner - Bass

Santiago Garcia Cuevas - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

The original prog-punkcore band. Lost Lighthouse is a Montreal-based 4 piece group influenced by acts such as Yellowcard, Fall Out Boy, Memphis May Fire, Queens of the Stone Age, Alter Bridge and many more from the realm of both Rock and Metal. The name Lost Lighthouse comes from the idea of not being able to find your way, just like a vessel would have been without a lighthouse in the past. It is about the feeling of sailing through life calmly on the outside but with fear inside of knowing that you might not see the shore coming, and you might crash. Lost Lighthouse was born under the idea that said journey is not as terrifying when made with someone else. The band's objective is and always will be to be a companion in this journey to whomever may want it, or need it, and just maybe, be the light that was missing. The light that was lost.